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Andrew Greenfield Lockhart

About me:

I was born in Scotland and educated at Coatbridge High School and Glasgow University. I worked in the steel pipe and tube industry for thirty years, mainly in the oil and gas sectors, beginning my career in planning and going on to become a manager in sales and marketing. In later years, I did market research for the tourist industry. I served for six years as a school governor, including time as a chairman of governors. Other than writing and reading, I have a lifelong interest in music.  I play the piano, clarinet and saxophone, and sing with an award-winning choir.

I have always enjoyed writing - poems, stories and political commentaries - but my writing career proper began in the 1990s, when I wrote my first novel - as yet unpublished, and probably unpublishable! My main interest is in historical writing, in particular mediaeval history, and I have drawn on that interest in my novels The Il-khan’s Wife, The Tiger and the Cauldron and The Dark Side of the Fylfot.
I also write family history and non-fiction.  

My wife and I live in rural Northamptonshire. We have a grown-up daughter. Both my wife and daughter have an interest in the Arts.

About Magda Green Books:

Magda Green Books, my independent publishing imprint was born in 2009, shortly after I completed my second family history book, Patterns. The inspiration for the branding was my three-greats-grandmother, Magdalene Spring Greenfield (1783-1854), whose story and that of her children is told in Patterns.

When adults wage war, children perish.        (Elie Wiesel)

When adults wage war, children perish.        (Elie Wiesel)